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                      QL-28 rechargeable LED shoulder lamp red blue flash shoulder lamp

                      Description:Description: the red and blue flashing shoulder lamp is a kind of scene display product, which is customized by all kinds of duty personnel. It USES the high-brightness LED active light source, which greatly improves the scene display effect. It can remin

                      Applicable industries:

                      Applicable industry:

                      This product is widely used in the public security, auxiliary police, auxiliary police, urban management, road administration, administrative law enforcement, traffic law enforcement, high-speed traffic police, security, property, fire, railway, emergency rescue, patrol, sanitation, security, security, security, security patrol and so on.

                      Detailed parameters

                      Product parameters

                      Operating temperature: -20c - + 60c flashing frequency: 8HZ

                      Rated voltage: 3.7 -- 4.2(VDC) power supply: polymer lithium battery

                      Power protection: overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, ultra-high temperature charge and discharge

                      Battery capacity: 500 (mAh) control mode: touch CNC

                      Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hours working time: >11 hours

                      Charging mode: constant current trickle charging mode: red and blue flash, lighting

                      Wear: 304 stainless steel back clamp fixed

                      Weight: 40g gauge: 80*33*26mm